About Us

"Together for a near-term future where spinal cord injury becomes a temporary and repairable condition."

Moved to action

Walkoncemore was set up to help those currently living with the after-effects of SCI, as well as those yet to be injured. With a great interest in the promise of a cure for this devastating condition, a small group of trustees and volunteers came together with a view to doing all they could.

It was obvious that the race was on worldwide to cure this hugely debilitating condition. Contrary to what many injured people are initially told in spinal rehabilitation units, many researchers working to bring curative therapies to the bedside also believe in a future without permanent spinal cord injury. The goal of walking again is held by so many, and this goal is no longer just a dream, nor a coping mechanism – it can indeed be achieved. The science itself is almost ready. Walkoncemore was founded on this very fact and we will continue our diligent work until a cure becomes a reality.

As a 100% volunteer-led charity with no staffing costs or rental overheads, we are proud to be able to keep our outgoings to a bare minimum. This enables us to support chronic research in the most impactful way possible, with a view to helping hasten the reversal of the devastating consequences of SCI.

With your help, there really can be a future without chronic spinal cord injury!

In order to succeed with our mission, we rely on the ongoing support and generosity of individuals and organisations. We raise funds in a variety of ways, including direct donations and sponsorship.

Our biennial Freedom Ball promises an entertaining way to get involved... Or perhaps you might like to sign yourself up for a physical challenge, such as a skydive, marathon or run? Be it a 5-10k, or a mammoth desert escapade in the form of the Marathon des Sables, each and every fund and awareness-raising endeavour undertaken by a kind supporter propels us closer to our goal.

In addition to run-based events, we can enrol individuals and teams in a range of exciting overseas challenges, including a trek to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro and a London to Paris cycle. Each sale of our exclusive engraved ‘Allumonde’ ring also helps to garner both funds and awareness about our cause.

Details on all of the aforementioned can be found on our Get Involved and Give pages.

Goods and services which we can place into one of our online charity auctions are always very gratefully received - simply drop us an email with details of what you might like to donate.

eBay for Charity is another way supporters may personally nominate Walkoncemore as a beneficiary. A percentage of the sale proceeds can be pledged to us by an individual or organisation when listing an item for sale within an eBay account. Please see here for further details, many thanks in advance for your support!

By visiting our charity profiles at JustGiving or The Charities Aid Foundation (CAF), supporters can choose to make either a one-off or recurring donation, securely and easily. Alternatively, you may prefer to send your donation via the PayPal Giving Fund.

However you choose to get behind our vital work, we are incredibly grateful for your generosity and would like to thank you in advance for your kind support. Please don't hesitate to email us at give@walkoncemore.org to discuss any of the above or indeed more!

Not only are we 100% volunteer-led, Walkoncemore is also unique in that it is the only UK spinal cord injury charity dedicated to solely supporting research into a cure for chronic SCI. With each new injury deemed ‘chronic’ after around the 14-day period, our mantra is that a chronic cure is a cure for all. Sadly, spinal cord injuries will always occur, but let’s make them mirror other injuries – let’s render them repairable, and temporary. To learn about further ways you can help Walkoncemore on our mission, please click here.

Thank you wholeheartedly for taking the time to visit our website.

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About Us

Walkoncemore was set up to help those currently living with the after-effects of SCI, as well as those yet to be injured...

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