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"No matter which corner of the UK you call home, we guarantee there's an event to inspire nearby!"

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Challenge yourself on home soil

Across the UK, there are so many fun and exhilarating ways to support our cause. You don't have to journey to far away climes to make an impact - in our experience, a supporter’s friends, family and colleagues can be equally inspired to get behind efforts on home soil!

Whether you'd prefer to stick to a more 'tried-and-tested event', or were looking to sign up to something more tailored to that inner thrill-seeker within, we're here to help you every step of the way. You may already have something in place - be it a stand-alone event or a spot within an organised challenge? We'd be delighted to help you set up a fundraising page to support us alongside your efforts if so!

Perhaps you may be keen to register for something fun, but you'd like to discuss some options or get a feel for what's available before you decide? We'd love to hear from you either way! In the meantime, please do browse our A-Z of fundraising ideas by clicking here. We've also detailed two popular UK-based events below as a starting point, but the sky really is the limit as to what you can undertake while raising funds and awareness for Walkoncemore!

White water rafting and skydiving are two consistently popular ways in which supporters can experience an adrenaline-fuelled thrill in aid of our cause - please read on for further details!

White water rafting

White water rafting is a fast-paced adventure sport, offering fantastic opportunities to scratch that thrill-seeking itch within a small team. The sponsorship level is set at £1000 for a group of up to 8 people, that is just £125 per person...and of course, you are free to raise more! From the minimum sponsorship raised by a team, Walkoncemore will receive an average donation of £600!

You can raft at any one of five centres located around the UK. Upon arrival, you will be met by a qualified instructor and given all necessary equipment and training needed to enjoy the 2-hour adventure of a lifetime which lies ahead.


If keeping to dry land may be more to your liking, we are always looking for adventurous people to take part in a sponsored skydive. By completing any one of 3 parachute jumps, you can raise vital funds for our cause. To jump for free, all you have to do is raise the minimum sponsorship level. After doing so, you can look forward to your exhilarating skydive experience!

There are three types of jump available – an Accelerated Free Fall where you can experience the thrill of skydiving solo from up to 12,000 feet, a Tandem from 10,000 feet, where you will complete the jump attached to a professional instructor, and a Static Line jump, which is performed solo from up to 3,000 feet. You can jump all year round from any of the 20 British Parachute Association approved airfields across the UK. No experience is necessary as all training is given!

Please send us an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information about either of these exhilarating events - the skies and rapids await!

Don't forget to also check out our UK-based running events page here

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