"Any amount, be it big or small - it all helps to make a difference and to propel us toward our goal"

Your support is vital

Walkoncemore relies on the kindness and generosity of individuals and organisations worldwide. This debilitating condition continues to rob so many of so much, and time is of the essence to properly come to the aid of those struggling day-to-day with the fallout. Not only this - SCI does not discriminate. It can affect anyone, at any you could say that an effective treatment is an insurance policy for us all.

With all of the above in mind, we hope you will feel inspired to get behind our mission to support the most promising advances in chronic spinal cord injury cure research.

Would you like to donate via your PayPal or Charities Aid Foundation account? Does the idea of making a one-off or recurring monthly contribution via our charity profile on JustGiving sound preferable? Perhaps using your credit or debit card direct may be more convenient? Regardless of how you choose to forward your donation, we aim to make your online giving experience as hassle-free as possible!

Making a donation

To make a secure donation, please click on your desired method below to be redirected:

Gift Aid

If you are a UK taxpayer, we can receive 25% on every £1 as ‘Gift aid’, a tax reclaim offer from the Government.
Please be sure to tick the associated box upon making your donation, as it means that at no extra cost or hassle to you,
your donation can go even further!

Donations by cheque

If you would rather send a cheque, please make it payable to Walkoncemore and forward it to the following address:

Po Box 56727
E11 4WQ

Bank transfer within the UK or abroad

Whether you are based within the UK or abroad, you can send us a transfer by visiting your bank or online banking facility. If you would prefer to donate this way, please email us at or contact us via Tel: 0800 471 5051 or Fax: 0800 471 5051

Donate a good or service to place within one of our online auctions

Walkoncemore has a charitable account on eBay where donated goods or services of value can be auctioned, with all proceeds going to our cause. These can take the form of anything of auctionable value...from concert tickets to sports cars! To offer a good or service for auction, please contact us at

As we are a member of eBay for Charity, supporters can also get behind our cause when selling items within their personal eBay accounts. A percentage of the final sale value can be earmarked for us when initially listing an item/service. Once the item sells, this nominated percentage will come direct to us in the quest to end chronic SCI. Please see our Auctions page for details on this simple and effective way to get behind our cause.

Regardless of how you choose to support, the volunteers at Walkoncemore would like to extend a wholehearted thank you for your kindness!

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